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ケンダル・ジェンナー(Kendall Jenner)が全裸でビーチを走る写真が流出。

写真はフォトグラファーのラッセル・ジェームス(Russell James)の出版予定の写真集『Angels』に収録される予定のもので、許可なく盗まれた画像だと『TMZ』が報じています。


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To my buddies who couldn’t get to NY for the launch. THANKYOU for being part of the most ambitious fine-art and limited edition book I have ever done. A note to all the amazing book and art collectors who have been contacting me directly. I hope you understand I can’t reply to each personally as it’s been an overwhelming response. For FINE-ART inquiries please contact our gallery manager Christina on For COLLECTORS EDITION BOOKS please visit I am only ever making 1000 of the collectors edition books and demand has been far greater than we expected. My sincere apologies if they are not able to accommodate your order. We are only releasing a small amount each day to make sure we give people around the world an opportunity. Thanks again for your amazing support!

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Twitterで「Kendall Jenner」が一時トレンド入りするほどの盛り上がりを見せた画像の疾走感を確認してみてはいかがでしょうか?

Ryosuke Suzuki

Ryosuke Suzuki


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